Pū‘ali kalo i ka wai‘ole.
Taro, for lack of water, grows misshapen.
For lack of care one may become ill.


Aloha House, Inc. Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Center
200 Ike Dr, Makawao, HI 96768
  • Aloha House, Inc. specializes in dual diagnosis services for those facing substance abuse and mental health concerns
  • Residential Treatment program provides a structured living environment for clients that voluntarily want to seek treatment
  • The program provides screening, assessment, nursing care, counseling, psychological services, case management, recover education, discharge planning and assistance in developing sober support in the community
  • As soon as a bed is available in Residential Treatment, client’s admission will be scheduled

For more information about Detoxification and the Residential Treatment program services, please call 808-442-6588 or visit website.

Community Case Management (CCMC)- Dental Program
TOLL-FREE: 1-888-792-1070
  • CCMC- Dental Program is an extension of the State's Medicaid dental program administered through the Department of Human Services to help those eligible for Med-QUEST or Medicaid find a dentist to schedule an appointment for yourself or your child.
  • Children (20 years old and younger) can receive routine dental care, including exams twice a year, X-rays, regular cleanings, and restorative care such as filings for cavities and preventative care and treatment; benefits do not include orthodontic care.
  • Adults (21 years old and above) can receive emergency benefits to control dental pain, infection, or management of trauma, which is limited to extractions and control of pain.

For more information, please contact CCMC via phone, email, or visit website.

Domestic Violence Action Center (DVAC)
Legal Helpline: 808-531-3771
N.I. TOLL-FREE: 1-808-690-6200
  • DVAC is a statewide resource for social service providers, educators, health professionals, therapists, attorneys, employers and civic groups.
  • Has a legal helpline.
  • Legal representation in family court actions involving divorce, custody, protection orders, post decree and paternity matters.
  • Advocacy for individual victims.
  • Case management for clients on our civil caseload, victim partners of convicted domestic violence, misdemeanants, and hotline callers in crisis.
  • Outreach in civil court for petitioners seeking protection orders.
  • Outreach in criminal court for witnesses in abuse cases.
  • Advocacy and outreach to teen victims of dating violence.
  • Community education and material development.
  • Advocacy for system reform.
  • Community and Capacity Building.

For more information, please contact DVAC via phone, email, or visit website.

Hawaiʻi Dental Service (HDS)
TOLL - FREE: 1-800-505-9227
  • HDS offers affordable individual and family dental plans.
  • Basic plan for adults 19+ starting at $20.50 per month.
  • Classic plan for adults 19+ starting at $22.80 per month.
  • HDS accepted at most dental providers.
  • To find a participating dentist, members can:
    1. Click on the “Members” tab.
    2. Click “Find a Participating Dentist”.
    3. Fill out the information in the “Dentist Search” fields and click “Search” to obtain a listing of participating dentists.

For more information, please contact HDS via phone, email, or visit website.

Hawaiʻi Tobacco Quit Line
TOLL - FREE: 1-800-784-8669
  • Experienced phone-based and web-based Quit Coaches that can help you quit on your own terms
  • FREE nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges sent to your home
  • Phone calls based on your schedule
  • Unlimited toll-free access to Quit Coaches
  • An easy to follow Quit Guide
  • Encouraging text messages to help you stay on track

For more information, please contact HTQL via phone or visit website.

Hoʻāla Dental Program (HDP)
TOLL-FREE: 1-888-523-3111
  • HDP is an affordable discount dental plan that allows clients to receive quality dental care without added expenses—this is not a form of dental insurance.
  • Complete dental care at discounted rates; client will know out-of-pocket expenses ahead of time. Plan options include:
  1. Single (plan coverage for one person) $199.
  2. Two-party (plan coverage for two people) $289.
  3. Family (plan coverage for three or more people) $349
  4. Membership fees are pre-paid for a twelve month period.
  • Only available for use at Hawaiʻi Family Dental Services.
  • Enroll online or by phone.

For more information, please contact HDP via phone or visit website.